Wedding cupcakes & macarons

Are you getting married? We have just the perfect options for you. Over the years our cakes have been very popular to serve at weddings. We see more and more people moving away from the traditional wedding cake and instead they prefer serving either cupcakes or macarons. They are easier to portion and you have less waste than if you have a big wedding cake. Your guests also get to chose their own flavour if you have different flavours and if you serve the mini cupcakes, they get to taste more than one flavour. We usually recommend either mini cupcakes or macarons for weddings as they are easy to eat alongside with a glas of champagne and you furthermore don’t need to offer forks and cake plates – a napkin is just enough. See below for inspiration or contact us for a chat on how we can help make your wedding day just perfect ♥


  • Mini cupcakes
  • Regular sized cupcakes (these cakes would require you offer your guests a cake fork and plate)
  • Macarons

Decoration options:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh fruit
  • Logo, monogram, date, names
  • Sprinkles
  • Plain minimalistic look