Celebrate with Serenity

A celebration should be memorable and always include cake, we think. Serenity’s cakes are perfect for any celebration. Whether you go with our cupcakes, layercakes or macarons – there is something for every taste.
  • Layercakes: Our old fashioned traditional Danish layercake is very popular for birthday’s. We have 2 variations, so you can choose which flavour suits your tastebuds best. Our “Old Fashioned” cake is with banana & strawberry and our “Berry Dream” is with a mix of red fruits. Both have macarons, creme, homemade Serenity jam and shredded dark quality chocolate. The top of the cake is always covered with chocolate glaze and whipped cream on the sides. As the final touch we decorate with fresh fruit and edible flowers.
  • Cupcakes: Our cupcakes are perfect to celebrate with. They are easy to serve and you don’t need to bother with cutting or dividing as you just order as many as you think people eat. You can order different flavors or have just one or two flavors. Serve them for the kids at school or at your celebration at home.
  • Macarons: Our little French darlings are also a popular little treat. Both kids and adults tend to love them and since they aren’t that big make sure your order a few, so al your guests get to try a few of them. Not only are they super tasty but they also look pretty.


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