Luxury cakes for all occasions

With focus on our catering business we offer solutions for your company as well as for you as a private consumer. Our creative team is highly experienced and dedicated to creating tasty and beautiful cakes for your event. We can deliver with short notice and for various occasions. See below and get inspired for your next event or go straight to our webshop and order now!

Let us help you create sweet memories…

…without you having to think about the baking or the risk of burnt cakes. From our production kitchen in Copenhagen (Nordhavn) we create beautiful cupcakes, macarons and layercakes for events, receptions, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, afternoon tea and other occasions. Imagine not having to stress before an important meeting / celebration but instead you can focus on getting the last documents ready or play with the kids before the guests arrive. All that can become reality when choosing cakes from Serenity Copenhagen. Our cakes are not only impressive in looks but also in taste. With our service you can focus on what’s important and let us take care of the baking and delivery.



Handmade cakes until now…


Quality ingredients from the best suppliers


Happy returning corporate customers


Successfully catered private events

High quality & tasty

With cakes from Serenity Copenhagen you can be assured that your clients, colleagues, friends or family experience tasty indulgence. All our cupcakes, macarons and cakes are handmade and baked from scratch with selected high quality ingredients.

Our customers are 1st priority and deserve 1st class service

We know how important having the perfect wedding, meeting or event can be. You want everything to be perfect, on time and tasty – which we of course understand. We also know how important good service is and how much it means – it’s the full experience that counts. When choosing Serenity Copenhagen you not only get delicious cakes, good service but also a comfort in knowing that we do our best in meeting your needs and expectations. We always walk an extra mile for our customers and we don’t settle for half solutions. When our customers are happy, we are happy.


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  • I have been a true fan of Serenity since the beginning and I love the cakes so much. The service is amazing and the cakes are perfect.

  • — Barbara Hamilton, Entrepeneur
    “I have loved Serenity from the very beginning.I used to come to their cafe they had in Copenhagen every weekend with my family. I wish they still had their shop, but I continue to order their cupcakes, cause I can't live without them.”

  • — Dan Gibon, Interface Designer
    “I was a blown away by the design quality and sheer level of attention-to-detail, sweet!”

  • — Sam Prichard, Interface Designer
    “I've been using TommusRhodus themes for a couple of years now - they're always highly polished and backed up by amazing support.”

  • — Gale Adams, Envato Customer
    “The design is fantastic, the builder saves me tons of time and the support has been excellent. I highly recommend Pillar.”